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Why Should We Use Promotional Keyrings?

Keyrings make fantastic gifts for your potential customers as not only are they advertising for you, they are practical for the customer! Promotional gifts such as keyrings are generally small in size and are very cost effective, especially in larger quantities.

Key Rings

Keyring Rectangle – 38mm Wide * 32mm High


Our keyrings have the ability to hold as little or as much information as you desire – within reason, we have standard or custom shaped keyrings which can be fully customised according to your company profile. We can include your company logo, name or slogan, phone numbers, contact name, address etc.


Using promotional products such as Keyrings, along with other forms of advertising or media is a sure way of keeping your company name at the forefront of people’s minds when they are looking for products or services that you may provide.


If you’re looking to maximise your brand with little cost, then promotional keyrings should be considered as one of your marketing tools!

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