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Why School & Universities Need Name Badges?

All of us are aware of the school and university badges. But have we ever wondered why these educational institutions have badges? School badges and university badges highlight the achievements of the institution, reflect into the proud past and promise for a bright future. Great educational institutions are ceremoniously built around discipline. When it comes to schools and universities, name badges are a key component in discipline.

School Badge

Oval School badge - AJ Parkes

Students wear school badges with pride on belonging to the institution. University badges are one of the most treasured possessions for any student and reflects upon the achievements of the institution. It is customary for schools and universities to have their customized name badges. These badges are based on the ethos and ideals that the institutes are built on. Some of them have verses from the holy book while others have something related to national pride engraved on them.

School captain badges are one of the most coveted trophies that most students look up to their entire years of schooling. The school badges displaying ‘Prefect’, ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl’ reflect on a student’s achievements during his/her stay at the school. This is the biggest honour bestowed upon any student for his/her conduct both in academics and discipline in the institutions. Some universities also honour achievers with badges reflecting on their achievements.

Students of schools and universities also wear promotional badges highlighting cause such as cancer, AIDS etc. and raising awareness about these dreaded diseases among the common masses. While the renowned educational institutions still follow their traditional badges, many schools and universities are getting creative when it comes to designing their badges.

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