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Why Custom Shaped Name Badges?

AJ Parkes is offering Custom shaped name badges that can make your brand stand out from others. Show your creativity by giving us your specific design for your name badges, we can create any shape you desire!!

Custom Shaped Name Badges

Any Shape!! We Can Make For You

Our custom shaped name badges are made of Acrylic. as per your request. We use the latest laser cutting technology to achieve the best results, so that specific shapes can be easily done. The digital printing is done by either printing your designs directly onto the badge or by using a vinyl sticker on the badge, both options are then covered with our UV coating.

How to stand out from others?

We all need to stand out from others, Especially if your business has a lot of competition! Our custom shape name badges will boost your company profile by getting your staff noticed sooner, resulting in more business opportunities.

Instead of selecting the usual name badges – same sizes, white background & black text, think different, think outside the rectangle!! Do you work in a dental office? You can have tooth shaped name badges! Automobile workshop? You can have car shaped name badges! The size, color & shape of each design is completely unique and is only limited by your imagination.

The next time you need a name badge, think custom! – Ask us about your design for Eye-catching name badges offered by us.

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