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Get Your Business Identified With Custom Made Lanyards

AJ Parkes offers to design customised lanyards with your logo & text, available in broad range of colors & patterns. Free Online Design & Order! Read to know More >>

Custom made Lanyard

Custom Lanyards - AJ Parkes

A growing number of businesses are finding it a great and effective way to promote their business through custom made lanyards. Initially the lanyards were designed to secure identity badges for employees, visitors and delegates. But with the increased use of identification products by the corporates, lanyards have also become a vehicle for business promotion. Business promotional lanyards have certain advantages which were quickly recognized by the businesses.

  • First, lanyards are available in various sizes and bright colours and therefore can attract attention easily.
  • Second, lanyards are worn around the neck, which is one of the most visible sections. Hence, lanyards are easily distinguishable.

Custom made lanyards would let you print your company’s name in it. You can use attractive background colour to make the company’s name more prominent. Business promotion lanyards are designed keeping in mind the particular promotional objectives of the businesses and are therefore targeted to attract maximum attention.

Custom lanyards are available in a wide range of materials – cloth, plastic as well as metal. Hence, you can pick the one most suitable for your business. Lanyards made of cloths are the most widely used ones and are also available in widest range of colours.

Custom made lanyards will let your company’s name to go wherever the person wearing it will visit. These are one of the cheapest ways to promote your business and let you reduce your advertising expenses significantly.

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