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Reusable Desk Name Plate: Flexibility right on your desk

AJ Parkes offers a Traditional, Permanent, Printed Desk Name Plates with our Reusable Technology!. A good choice for those who want the flexibility of changing names and titles anytime required. Making our Reusable desk name plates with a simple slide-in insert sheets will save you time and money!

 AJ Parkes Reusable Desk Name Plate

 Design Reusable desk name plate

Reusable Desk Name Plate White Border

Our Reusable Desk Name Plate are functional, stylish and simple… AJ Parkes Desk Name Plate made with Modern Acrylic with Full Color. So, It brings a high-class appearance while keeping the budget. AJ Parkes Reusable Desk Name Plate is fully personalised, it allows to add a Name, Tile, Logo & etc. Available on Two Border Colour (White & Black) and Optional colour fills in a background for this Professional looking Reusable Desk Name Plate.



Features of our Reusable Name Plate:


  • Use name plate insert slide sheets to add or replace your own inside the name plate quick! easy! and you’re set!


  • No need to purchase a new name plate for each new employee in that way it is more “budget-friendly”


  • If you want us to customize your desk name plate signage for you, We will ensure 100% requirements with high quality

Easy to Design Online:

Richness looks & feel:

  • You won’t find a better-looking Reusable desk or door name plate on the market; AJ Parkes name plates are top of the industry for quality and style in Australia.

Our mission at AJ Parkes Australia is specifically to provide you with high-quality Identification products. Whatever your Desk Name plates requirements, AJ Parkes Australia can provide a clear solution.

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For all product enquiries, please contact 617 3277 2111 or EMAIL with us.

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