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Make a good immediate impression with A Door Name Plate



A Door Nameplate identifies and displays your office or personal information. A Door nameplates can be customised with your selected color, logo and any other relevant details. It makes an immediate impression on office self-presentation and therefore looks professional. A door nameplate create a unique and consistent look throughout your office.

The most Important use of Door nameplates are for office environment and commercial purposes. It display a person’s name, Job Designation with your Company logo. It is not only tells your workplace, it is also used to identifies whose office it is, and looks very professional to your clients. A nameplate in your office will easily elevate your business professionalism, efficiency, and communications.

For example, If you are new to an office and looking for a particular person, you can easily find their office through these door name plates.

AJ Parkes offer an affordable price range in Acrylic Premium quality, excellent, impressive polished door nameplates. We offers Door Nameplates that can be printed in full background color, text color, available in brushed silver, bright silver, brushed gold, bright gold in all over Australia.

Door Name Plate Features:


  • Full colour printing of logos and text

  • Wide range of background colour and font options

  • Acrylic Material

  • No set up fees & no design fees

  • Quantity based prices

  • Double Sided Tape for fixing to door

  • It will make the first impression from your Visitor.

  • Our door name plates must be durable and strong

AJ PArkes is first class leaders in Australia for all personalised identification products. Fast delivery everywhere in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Adelaide, Cairns. Everywhere in the World!

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Custom Key Rings – A Gift For Special Ones

Custom KeyRing

Custom KeyRing

Finding the right gift for your special ones can be a daunting task. If you love gifting your close ones you may soon find yourself running out of unique gift ideas. Also shopping for gifts requires time and planning. For reluctant shoppers who need last moment solutions for gifts, custom key rings can make great gift items. As gifts customised rings are simple yet effective which would never fail to impress the recipient.

Custom key rings can make great gift items for young and old alike. Further, its popularity is likely to remain undiminished with time. Even today, when the technological advancements are fast replacing many of the popular tools of the past, demand for key rings has remained unaltered. One can also safely comment that its popularity has rather increased. The younger generation have found an even improved use of key rings and increasingly using it to accessories their purses and school bags.

The varieties are seemingly endless with custom key rings. Custom key rings can be customised to any extent to include the name and picture of the recipient or quotes to mark an anniversary or event. The choices of materials on custom rings are also versatile- it can be a simple colour filled key ring or more personalised metal rings with 3D engraving or the sophisticated leather tag.

Custom key rings can be used effectively for various promotional events as well.  It can become a very potent promotional tool for corporates for promoting their products and services. Companies can use customised key rings to promote new launches as well as their brand names. People love receiving freebies and key rings are particularly affordable while produced in bulk. One can offer customised key rings containing company name, logo or slogan to magnify the impact of their advertising campaigns. Custom name badges and key rings producers are now offering endless customisation options for clients to personalise key rings to create their very own special gifts for their loved ones.

AJ Parkes Customised Lanyards For Your Own Theme

Customised lanyards

Customised lanyards

Customised lanyards can go a long way as promotional tools. These are cost effective while produced in bulk and hence allow businesses achieve their advertisement targets in economic way. Lanyards  offer maximum exposure since the wearer would wear it around the neck.

The new technologies have allowed companies to customise lanyards for their benefits with the name, logo or symbols so that these can be used in offices, seminars and fairs to promote brand name or services.  AJ Parkes is a leading name badges manufacturer in Australia who offers widest range of customised lanyards to their clients to choose from.

With AJ Parkes the options available before one is seemingly endless. You can choose from their vast options on tubular and bootlace lanyards and customise them in terms of content, colour and material to create your very own customised lanyards.  With AJ Parkes you also have choices available on material and pick one of either nylon or woven, available in the widest pallet of colours.  AJ Parkes allows you to create your customised lanyard on their website.

They offers the platform where you can upload the logo of your company which you want to be printed in the lanyard and choose from the colours available as well as set the desired length for the lanyards. You can even decide about the type of clip you want to be attached in it.

The improved services offered by AJ Parkes now allow their numerous customers to get their customised lanyards delivered at their doorstep without leaving the comfort of their offices. This interactive interface  has been introduced by the manufacturer to facilitate its many customers who are spread across the country and can’t drop to its offices often.

Ever since they have come into existence, AJ Parkes has remained the leader in offering customised name badges, lanyards and the like to its customers. This century old name badges maker has embraced the modern technology to let its customers get customised lanyards done on their own theme. You can also receive no obligation quotes on the website which would let you find the most competitive rates on various identification items.

Advantages Of Badges In School

We are used to in seeing students wearing school badges to schools. Badges have become a part of their school uniform which serve multiple purposes. It is not unknown of students falling in love with their school badge since it makes them proud of their association to a reputed educational institute.

School badges were initially introduced to carry the ethos and ideals of the school across its batches of students. The idea was to imbued discipline into students so that they can be educated better. But today school badges fulfill more than one purpose. It now helps with,

Identification: The use of school badges has made it easier for the schools with identifying their students. You can now easily distinguish the students of one school from the other from their school badges. Name badges have further helped in ensuring security of children by making identification easier. Many schools now have introduced tracking devices in their school badges to keep track of the student’s whereabouts.

In the changed social condition where there is an increase in the rate of criminal activities against children school identification badges can prove quintessential in ensuring child’s safety.

Recognition of achievements: Who doesn’t like receiving recognition for his/her achievements? In schools you can receive laurels both for your academic and athletic achievements. Further, these can be used to recognise leadership qualities in students. Many children look up to badges with engraving of ‘house captain’, ‘prefect’ or ‘member of student council’ to add to their list of pride possession.

Customised school badges have allowed schools and educational institutes to create badges which would let them busk into the glory of their past and also promise about a glorious future. School badges help inculcating the sense of belonging to a prestigious institutions in students. Further, it also help imbuing discipline and team spirit in children.

Added Advantages For Custom Name Badges

Custom name badge has almost become a cult- whether its a small office or a corporate giant, custom name badges have got imbued into our culture. We are now used to in seeing name badges of every shape and size. This can make one wonder why these name badges are so popular.

Custom name badge offers certain advantages to the businesses which have made it almost indispensable in the corporate world.

Identification: Custom name badges have made identification easier. Almost all offices now, irrespective of their size and trade, require the employees to wear name badges which allow them to identify the employees easily. This practice has ensured safety and security in the office premises and has also helped in incorporating the sense of belonging to the organisation into the employees. When your employees are wearing name badges it helps in creating a favourable and professional impression in the mind of your customers as well.

You can add the name, designation as well as the photos of your employees in the name badges and customise them according to your needs. This will send the message to your customers that you are proud and confident about presenting yourself as a brand. This would help in establishing the trust factor more easily.

Brand promotion: Modern businesses may never ignore the potential of custom name badge as an ideal promotional tool. Since this is one item that your employees are likely to wear during the time they spend in the office , it helps in magnifying the efforts of popularising your brand name to the public. Name badges also facilitate identification and hence in fairs and seminars it helps with the identification and introduction of the company representatives. The McDonald’s ‘M’ shaped badges are classic example of how name badges can be effective in promoting a brand.

Now name badge makers allow great options with customising name badges and hence you can create your very won custom name badge with you company name, logo or tag line imprinted on name badges of different materials, colours and styles.

What Makes Good Corporate Name Badges

Corporate name badges can be seen everywhere- from small growing organization to a corporate giant, corporate badges are omnipresent and have become the part and percale of corporate culture.

From identification of the employees, to create an identity for your company the importance of corporate name badges can’t be undermined in the changing business situation. Hence, there have been lots of discussions on what makes an ideal corporate name badge. An ideal name badge should look smart and help in creating a favorable impression in the minds of your clients. Creating the ideal corporate name badge therefore would need some serious consideration- what needs to be included and things to avoid. Following are some tips to help you make a decision about creating perfect corporate name badges.

Today the name badges suppliers would let you design and customize your corporate name badges and hence, the choices of options before you are endless. You can add company name, employee name, logo, tag line, color and so on and so forth.


Things you may add

  • Employee name: Since its primary purpose of name badges, the employee name is the must have in the corporate name badges.
  • Company name: The name badge would be the representative of the company and hence must have the company’s name in it.
  • Logo & tag line: Though these factors aren’t mandatory but you can add them to create customized corporate name badges. The decision would depend upon the space available with the badge. You can benefit from comparing sample badges before deciding. Plastic name badges would also let you experiment with colors and patterns.

Things to avoid

  • Too many content: The message in the name badge should be short, succulent and at the same time targeted. Including too many items in the badge are likely to cause a conflict of interest.
  • Flashy colors: Plastic name badges have allowed the name badge companies to make colorful badges but while creating corporate name badges you may avoid using too many flashy colors in it.

What Gear Do You Need For Reusable Name Badges

Reusable Name Badges

Reusable Name Badges

Reusable name badge has become the favorite choice for many. Reusable name badges have allowed the users cut on the expenses of producing customized name badges and are also eco-friendly.

As the name suggests reusable badges have longer life span and can be used multiple times without ordering for new one. You can order for reusable badges in bulk to further cut expenses on it. The gears needed for reusable badges are therefore,

The jacket: The case with the panel where you are required to insert the name of the student or employee. The jacket can be made of either plastic or metal and also can be laminated for a glossy look. This jacket can be customized with school logo, name, slogan and also colors.

Fittings: The fitting of the name badge is an essential part of it. You can order for the traditional pin fitting as well as for the most contemporary magnet fitting. There are combination clips available as well.

Name plate: To insert into reusable name badges you need print outs of names appropriate for the size of the panel in the name badge. You can also find the software required to print names of appropriate length from your suppliers of name badges.

Reusable name badge makes excellent choice for schools-where there are thousands of students enter and pass out every year. When a student leaves the school the name badge becomes a complete waste and needs to be replaced by a new one. But with reusable name badge you can avoid this waste and recycle the school bar badge. This helps in reducing the cost of ordering for name badges every time and also solves the problem of searching for name badge vendors often. You can now have you name badge supplies in bulk which would further reduce the cost of purchase. Reusable name badge, hence, makes the most economic choice for name badges for schools and educational institutes.

Various Custom Name Badges For Your School

School Name Badges

Sheild Badges

Custom name badges are around for quite sometime now and we are pretty used to in seeing the students wearing them at their schools. Almost all the education institutes have their own custom badges for students. School bar badge is designed based on the ethos and ideals of the educational institute and therefore should be such designed that it blends into its culture.

When it comes to choose school bar badge there is no dearth of available options. There are choices available in shapes, materials, content, colour, so and so forth.

Shapes: Manufacturers now offer a wide range of school badges from school bar badge, oval badge, shield badge, tile badge and many others. So you no longer have to restrict yourself only to school bar badge. Give your school a truly custom made badge to help it stand out in the crowed.

Materials: Indeed the choices of material can pose some difficulties before you since there are so many options available. While the metal badges would look classy, the plastic badges are cost effective. Also, you can go green with reusable name badge since it is eco-friendly and would also let you spread the message of environment conservation round.

Content: The content you select would let you make all the differences. Depending upon the size of the content, you can select from the wide range of custom name badges. When the school bar badge would contain a succulent message, the shield style badge would let to add school’s logo and more than one line of text.

Colours: From metal finished to school colour, you can now customise your school badges to any extent.

The school badges don’t only have to display the student’s name-they can reflect a student’s achievement in sports and academics. Further, these can represent their designations as school prefect or member of student council. Check for name badge supplies provider who would let you customise your school badge to suit your best needs.

Custom School Badge Made Easy Recognition

School Name BadgeWe are used to seeing school and university students wearing school badges around. The school bar badge carries the ethos and ideals upon which the school is built. A school badge is often the pride possession of the student. Most of them look up to the badges of ‘house captain’ and ‘prefect’ all their lives. The school bar badge would be their recognition of scholastic achievements in academic or in the field of sports. School bar badges are therefore eternal yet most contemporary.

The availability of custom school bar badge has further widened the scope for the school authorities to recognize students for their achievements more appropriately than before. With custom school bar badge your choices are no longer limited only to the badges designed by the name badge company designer. One can now have the school emblem, motto and even the mascot engraved in the school bar badge.

The reusable name badge has further allowed one to reduce the expenses on manufacturing custom name badges. The life span of a reusable name badge is normally higher than standard custom name badges. The reusable name badge can be recycled to be used in different batches. Moreover, reusable badges also contribute towards energy saving by lowering the energy consumption in production, which would encourage the students to spread the message of ‘green world’ around.

You can have your name badge supplier to supply custom name badges at your door step. The advent of Internet has made the task of ordering and receiving name badge supplies easy. You no longer have to visit different shops to get your name badge supplies. Some suppliers would even let you to custom design your school badge from the comfort of your office.

Custom school bar badge is known to bring recognition to the achievements of the student as well as that of the school’s. It, at the same time, reflects into the glorious past of the institute and promises about a bright future. School bar badges are therefore a part of the tradition that is going be cherished by students of all ages.

Corporate Name Badges – Identity To Your Business

Corporate Name Badges

Corporate Name Badges

Do you want to create a long lasting impression in the minds of your clients? Corporate name badges are an ideal way to create an identity for your business. When your employees present themselves to the clients the name tags that they wear will create an impression on the mind of the clients. Imagine your employee displaying a shabby looking name tag; won’t that affect your brand identity? Professional name badges let you make a statement and you should never miss out on that opportunity.

If your business has regular interactions with the clients, corporate name badges become all the more important for you. When your employees visit a customer they carry the image of the entire brand with them. Your customer will easily be able to identify the person belonging to your organization, easily read his/her name which helps in striking a conversation. A corporate name badge will allow you to professionally present your organization to the clients.

Corporate name badges help remove confusion in the corporate environment. Things like are you Mr so and so? This will be a thing of the past in your organization. It will help your customers have a smooth processing of their work in your office. Having the designation of the employees in the name badges helps in large organizations where most of the employees are not likely to know their superiors, support staff etc.

Corporate name badges tell everyone who you are and serve as a great promotional tool for the brand. A well designed business name badge with the logo and name of your company can work wonders for you when it comes to brand promotion. Corporate name badges not only establish your brand identity but solve the problem of authorisation and identifications etc. A simple badge says it all!

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