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AJ Parkes Customised Lanyards For Your Own Theme

Customised lanyards

Customised lanyards

Customised lanyards can go a long way as promotional tools. These are cost effective while produced in bulk and hence allow businesses achieve their advertisement targets in economic way. Lanyards  offer maximum exposure since the wearer would wear it around the neck.

The new technologies have allowed companies to customise lanyards for their benefits with the name, logo or symbols so that these can be used in offices, seminars and fairs to promote brand name or services.  AJ Parkes is a leading name badges manufacturer in Australia who offers widest range of customised lanyards to their clients to choose from.

With AJ Parkes the options available before one is seemingly endless. You can choose from their vast options on tubular and bootlace lanyards and customise them in terms of content, colour and material to create your very own customised lanyards.  With AJ Parkes you also have choices available on material and pick one of either nylon or woven, available in the widest pallet of colours.  AJ Parkes allows you to create your customised lanyard on their website.

They offers the platform where you can upload the logo of your company which you want to be printed in the lanyard and choose from the colours available as well as set the desired length for the lanyards. You can even decide about the type of clip you want to be attached in it.

The improved services offered by AJ Parkes now allow their numerous customers to get their customised lanyards delivered at their doorstep without leaving the comfort of their offices. This interactive interface  has been introduced by the manufacturer to facilitate its many customers who are spread across the country and can’t drop to its offices often.

Ever since they have come into existence, AJ Parkes has remained the leader in offering customised name badges, lanyards and the like to its customers. This century old name badges maker has embraced the modern technology to let its customers get customised lanyards done on their own theme. You can also receive no obligation quotes on the website which would let you find the most competitive rates on various identification items.

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