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Advantages Of Badges In School

We are used to in seeing students wearing school badges to schools. Badges have become a part of their school uniform which serve multiple purposes. It is not unknown of students falling in love with their school badge since it makes them proud of their association to a reputed educational institute.

School badges were initially introduced to carry the ethos and ideals of the school across its batches of students. The idea was to imbued discipline into students so that they can be educated better. But today school badges fulfill more than one purpose. It now helps with,

Identification: The use of school badges has made it easier for the schools with identifying their students. You can now easily distinguish the students of one school from the other from their school badges. Name badges have further helped in ensuring security of children by making identification easier. Many schools now have introduced tracking devices in their school badges to keep track of the student’s whereabouts.

In the changed social condition where there is an increase in the rate of criminal activities against children school identification badges can prove quintessential in ensuring child’s safety.

Recognition of achievements: Who doesn’t like receiving recognition for his/her achievements? In schools you can receive laurels both for your academic and athletic achievements. Further, these can be used to recognise leadership qualities in students. Many children look up to badges with engraving of ‘house captain’, ‘prefect’ or ‘member of student council’ to add to their list of pride possession.

Customised school badges have allowed schools and educational institutes to create badges which would let them busk into the glory of their past and also promise about a glorious future. School badges help inculcating the sense of belonging to a prestigious institutions in students. Further, it also help imbuing discipline and team spirit in children.

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