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Type of Accessories for Name Badges?

Name badge accessories are an uppercase essential element of any type of Name Badges. Our name badges come with a choice of pin, clip or magnetic fittings, Clear Lens Cover & Dome coating that allows to you choose the way of flexibility for your Name Badge and also inturn reflect your value of company’s profile.

Magnetic Fitting:

Magnetic Fitting

Magnetic Fitting

A Magnetic choice of fitting will immediately holds with all types of clothes. It would not make any damage to your cloth & prick your fingers. It gives an additional strength and Secur your name badge and It’s glossy look completely admires others. This type of fitting highly suitable for Metal or Executive Name Badges.

Warning, magnetic fittings should not be used if the user has any sensitive medical devices.



Pin Fitting:

Brooch Fitting

Brooch Fitting

This is the simple choice of brooch fitting for the name badges. Durable metal pin moulded inside a plastic jacket set into the badge through sonic welding. It is Almost suitable for all types of Plastic Name Badges.




Combine-Clip Fitting:

Combi-Clip Fitting

Combi-Clip Fitting

Combi-clip fitting for easy attachment to any type of fabrics. Made from lasting PVC they are durable & economical, providing a professional look. The Combi-Clip has both a standard safety pin fitting combined with a durable and secure grip.




New Clear lens cover:

New Clear lens cover

Clear lens cover

This is a great way to protect your name badge & clearly displaying the front of the badge. It is a clear plastic cover that clips onto the name badge. It brings the detailed touch to your name badges. It will give them a clear and polished look and feel. It is made of high-strength polycarbonate materials. It completely protects your badge from any accidental splashing. This is complimentary for all types of plastic name badges.


UV Dome coating:

Dome coating

Dome coating

The popular Dome coating is clear UV cured polyurethane coating applied on top of the name badge to give a domed effect. It is Scratch and fade-proof which will preserve the quality of your name badge for a long time. It is available for all types of name badge range & clearly displaying the front of the badge. It is a clear plastic cover that clips onto the name badge. It brings , including the metal name badges.

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